Tell Me Where It Hurts–Couples Counseling & Coaching

Do you have fights about the same stuff, over, and over, and over again? Why does that happen? Because patterns are particularly resistant to alteration. The problem is not what you are in conflict about, it's how you are in conflict about it. Learn how to break the patters–how to build a conflict management system. (Here's a tip: Your fights are not about what they're about).

How about persistent negative patterns of interaction? A pattern continues not only because we've repeated it, thereby reinforcing it, sometimes for years, but because our brain is playing a significant role as well. Now you can learn how to interrupt old patterns, create positive connections, and become more intimate.

Feeling frustrated and dejected due to your, or your partner's, angry, hostile responses–intense emotional reactivity? Thanks to remarkable new research, we now have insight into reducing reactivity. It has to do with the brain, and new ways to involve it in the change process.

Relationships struggle to thrive when defensiveness, resentment and seething stalemates occur. Or, one or both of you take the passive-aggressive position when under relationship stress.

High conflict, intense conflict, repetitive conflict, or low conflict–what ever the case may be. If any of the above describes you, it's probably time to find some alternatives–and divorce does not have to be one of them. Nor must you continue to in sam old rut. Contact Dr. Hutt

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