Managing High Conflict


Do you experience difficulty managing conflict in your relationship? Maybe the relationship could manage irritation or anger more effectively. Or, you withdraw during conflict for lack of knowing what else to do, or as a way to avoid saying what you know won’t be helpful. Or, your feelings are so intense you will do anything to avoid feeling them. Perhaps defensiveness jumps into the discussion quickly and derails your genuine attempts to connect to your partner. Maybe you really want to re-light the flame you once had, you know it’s there somewhere, but it’s not as warm as it used to be, or it’s all but extinguished. I provide a safe environment for you which will make it possible to take a breath, relax, focus and learn how to break old patterns, and create new ones that can lead to a powerful and rewarding relationship. Imagine wanting to bring up an issue you really want to talk about and not being afraid to bring it up. You can do it, and I can show you how.


If an affair has barged its way in to your relationship, I don’t have to tell you how terrible you feel–YOU ALREADY KNOW. What I can tell you, however, is that there is a way through it, and I can help you map your course. You CAN come out of this feeling good about yourself. You CAN emerge without total distrust of the opposite sex or yourself. You CAN be happy again, and you do not have to wait years for all of those to occur. In many cases it is possible to rebuild your relation ship. More infidelity info here


Parenting struggles are very frustrating, from toddlers to teenagers, and can wear you out, as you already know. Or you cannot agree on, and end up fighting about, parenting techniques, and neither of you feel supported by the other. It has often been joked that parenting is the art of figuring out what doesn’t work and repeating it. Well, if you are in a pattern like that, there are quick ways to change it. I will teach you how to reorient your parenting patterns so that you can bring relief to your household, strengthen your relationships with your kids, and reduce the amount and intensity of familial and marital/relationship conflict.

If you are divorced or separated, parenting conflict is often, though not always, part of the mix–it doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and I can show you how you can avoid several parenting traps that often accompany the two-household family and step family systems.


For some of you, substance abuse is hurting you or a loved one, and you want help addressing it. I have 29 years of clinical experience dealing with the complexities and subtleties of substance abuse issues and couple/marital, parenting difficulties that come with it. Let’s face it, there are few patterns as painful and long-lasting as those involved in the addicted or alcoholic family.

I can help you craft practical solutions that can help reduce these, and other stressors in your life, and also show you how to address the personal history you each bring to the relationship and how that history plays a role. IT’S NOT ABOUT BLAMING YOUR FAMILY OF ORIGIN–IT’S ABOUT KNOWING HOW TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR CURRENT SITUATION. We all have a history and some baggage to go with it. I can show you where and how to harness the positive pieces of the history, sort out the baggage that gets in the way, and help you figure out what to do with it so it won’t be taking up precious marital or relationship, emotional and mental space.

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