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Theravive Counselor

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Relationship/Marital Conflict

Are you and your partner/spouse going in circles, highly reactive, emotionally intense, stuck, when you try to talk about sensitive subjects?


Adolescents-yes, teenagers, seem like your biggest parenting challenges. To the adolescent, WE are their biggest challenges. Believe it or not, adolescents can be fun!

Defensiveness & Blame

These are real show-stoppers, are they not? Learn how to reduce the odds of those two powerful forces rearing up when you need them least. Find out that you don't need them at all!


Your partner/spouse had an affair. Could anything feel worse? Your world is upside down, and the pain won't go away.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

You think you or a loved-one might be an alcoholic or addict now what? All the fights, chaos, unpredictability, sleepless nights and counting drinks has left you exhausted and feeling angry and old.

Co-Parent Counseling

You're in the middle of hashing out the custody and visitation part of the marital settlement agreement. Each of you experiences the other party as uncooperative. Co-parent counseling has been recommended by the court. You're worried sick the children are getting caught in the middle, and you each want that to stop.