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Relationship/Marital Conflict

Are you and your partner/spouse going in circles, highly reactive, emotionally intense, stuck, when you try to talk about sensitive subjects? _____________________________________________________________________


Adolescents–yes, teenagers, seem like your biggest parenting challenges.  To the adolescent, WE are their biggest challenges.  Believe it or not, adolescents can be fun! _____________________________________________________________________

Defensiveness & Blame

These are real show-stoppers, are they not?  Learn how to reduce the likelihood if those two interfering forces rearing up when you need them least.  find out that you don’t need them at all! _____________________________________________________________________


Your partner/spouse had an affair.  Could anything feel worse?  Your world is upside down, and the pain won’t go away. ______________________________________________________________________

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

You think you or a loved-one might be an alcoholic or addict–now what?  All the fights, chaos, unpredictability, sleepless nights and counting drinks has left you exhausted and feeling angry and old. ______________________________________________________________________

Co-Parent Counseling

You’re in the middle of hashing out the custody and visitation part of the marital settlement agreement.  Each of you experiences the other party as uncooperative.  Co-parent counseling has been recommended by the court.  You’re worried sick the children are getting caught in the middle, and you each want that to stop. _______________________________________________________________________

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Directions to office

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