Get Connected-Stay Connected!

December 7th, 2011

  Because we are social animals, and because it feels so good, we all want to get connected, be connected, and stay connected. But, we often forget, one of the primary reasons for being connected has to do with survival: Without connection, we simply do not survive. Problem is, it doesn’t seem to be that […]

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How Thinking Affects Conflict

June 13th, 2011

Change your Thinking- Improve Conflict Management If you really want to improve your communication skills, particularly related to conflict management, it’s crucial to begin with changing your thinking.  For the moment, forget about finding new skills, getting new tools.  Start with changing your thinking. New thinking helps create new and effective patterns of conflict management, […]

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Thrive Or Suffer As A Couple

July 7th, 2010

Thrive As A Couple or Suffer Alone As Individuals Alright, so here’s a simple idea, with big implications.  By the way, this idea came to me by way of my friend and colleague, Dr Peter Pearson, co-founder along with Dr. Ellyn Bader, of the Couples Institute in Menlo Park, CA. Alright, so here’s the deal: […]

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Your Brain & Your Partner

March 2nd, 2010

Your partner isn’t the problem, at least not as much s you think, but your BRAIN is! Imagine that. And the irony is that your brain is just doing its job! Alright, so here’s the deal: We have not just one, but three brains. One brain in particular–the limbic brain, otherwise known as the mammalian […]

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Discipline vs Obedience

April 1st, 2009

All parents want to raise kids with the ability to make good decisions.  One of the crucial elements required of parents is this:  Parents must first understand the difference between discipline and obedience. Check out the video below, and you will be a step closer to well disciplined kids who will make better decisions.

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