Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 at 1:51 pm

Half Of All Marriages End In Divorce

You do not have to be on the painful end of that statistic!

First of all, when I use the word ‘marriage:’ I use the word in a manner that includes those who have decided to live together regardless of whether or not they have had a traditional wedding.

Whether you believe in ‘the institution of marriage’ as a legal entity or not, I am talking about ANYONE who is serious about their commitment to their relationship, sharing with your partner your life and all that comes with it, straight or gay. You are entering in to a committed life. You are about to build a marriage.

Pre-marital counseling can significantly increase the chances of a happy, fulfilling, rewarding relationship.

Create A Solid Foundation

Having a long relationship is one thing. A long and happy relationship is something else. Most couples believe they are on solid footing when they enter into marriage. That’s true for some couples, no doubt. But, in my experience as a therapist for 29 years, many couples have not realistically examined their relationship in a way that allows them to HONESTLY SEE THE REAL RELATIONSHIP FOUNDATION. It’s as if they begin married life with their fingers (figuratively) crossed behind their backs, hoping it will work out!

Creating a solid relationship foundation BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED takes more than hope—It requires action in a methodical manner.

Predict Your Future By Creating It—Take Action

Create a positive, loving, functional future where you can:

  • Reduce fear of conflict
  • Talk about anything
  • Talk so that you have the best chance of being heard
  • Listen so that you hear what’s actually being said
  • Put integrity and honesty at the core of your relationship
  • Understand what makes each other tick

Whether you get a marriage license or not, give yourself the opportunity to learn how to create your future together now that you’ve committed to each other so that you have not only a long marriage, but a long and happy one!

If you have a question or comment, let me know, then go ahead and push the “submit comment” button.

Wishing you a satisfying relationship,

Jim Hutt, Ph.D., MFT

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