Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Is there someone in your life who drinks too much? Maybe you don’t know what too much looks like, and you need a reality check. Or, you know it’s a problem, but you feel stuck, don’t know what to do, what not to do, and you’re tired of the fighting, the unpredictability and chaos. That may include blackouts, and verbal, physical or emotional abuse.

Some of you grew up with a parent who had this disease, and you’re terrified about continuing the legacy because you’re disturbed about your own drinking, and you told yourself ‘it will never happen to me.’

Others have become dependent on pain medications. What ever your situation, I can help you determine your options, and help you and your family find healthy path.

I have been counseling alcoholics, addicts and codependents since 1981, did a two year post-doctoral internship in the alcohol clinic at the the Stanford University School of Medicine in the mid-80′s. I continued my studies and involvement with the addictions at the Addictions Institute in Menlo Park, California, where I was an associate until 2006.

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