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If You Are Thinking About, Or Are In The Process Of Choosing A Counselor Or Therapist, Click On the Play Button Below…

For 30 years in practice as a licensed counselor & therapist with a Ph.D, over and over and over, I hear stories from my clients about their past negative counseling experiences. Those negative experiences may have been prevented if they had known HOW to choose a counselor or therapist.

Problem is, no one, especially therapists & counselors, have actually been willing to share the secrets of how to choose a therapist–until now.

Well, I’ve heard enough stories, and now I can to tell you what you need to know.

You can now have the secrets, the information, the know-how, to successfully conduct your search for a therapist or counselor. Your next, or if this is your first counseling experience, can be a positive and rewarding one when you have the specific in’s and out’s you need to know. The FINDING A THERAPIST video series package will show you. EVERYTHING. If you’re not satisfied, YOUR MONEY WILL BE RETURNED–NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


**One, 8 section, 45 min easy to watch video, covering over 100 important topics

**Piece of mind knowing exactly the right ways to conduct yourself on the phone

**Download to your iPhone, iPad, etc, your favorite device

**”Red flag” behaviors the therapist might show you, and how to recognize them

**Specific UNACCEPTABLE therapist behaviors and what they mean

**How to spot therapist boundary-crossing behaviors

**Preventing a “dual relationship” from forming

**How to know what an “inappropriate” therapy relationship looks like

**What “Informed Consent” means, and why it matters

**Therapist search engines

**Examples of “Informed Consent” documents

**Patient’s (client’s) Bill Of Rights

(Yes, you could find these last last four sections on your own, but this saves you valuable time–TIME you are better off putting toward your therapist or counselor search.)

I’m not going to insult your intelligence or waste your time with a lengthy, unnecessary sales pitch. You need a GOOD, ETHICAL, PROFESSIONAL therapist. You want a HELPFUL, SAFE and REWARDING experience. You want to take all the mystery out of the search process.


The terms are clear–you’re satisfied, or your money back.

Directly below you will see the form where you can order your own set of on-line videos.

You don’t have to wait–you can download them in seconds!

No waitng for them arrive in snail mail!

Go to the box below, and get your videos now.


Yes! I Want My “Choosing A Therapist” Videos!

I understand I only need to make a one-time payment of $10.95

I understand I’ll be getting 1 (one) 45 minute 8 section video, and a resources page FILLED with information.

I understand I have a money-back guarantee.

I understand these conditions, please accept my order NOW!

Click here to purchase “Choosing A Therapist” Videos

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